Friday, December 27, 2013

Fall end semester vacation

It's almost at mid for end semester vacation of fall term, results are out and next winter semester schedule is out.

But still i am busy in making all some good code, obviously some good profile and watching movies! That is never forgotten.

Along with that all also trying to do some extra work for myself ;) and that is to make some future work easy . . . Nothing such special what you might had think ;) lol

Just preparing for my G1 test . . .

Oh shit, i forgot one more thing that is making Indian food items and that is what making feel like ahhhhh

That is also part of this awesome vacation.

So Overall till now this vacation was Awesome and hopefully will ahead !!!

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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Setting up Python Environment on Windows

Plan Changed!!!!!

Now i might not post tutorials daily for Python from Sketch as mentioned in my last post but will post for sure often and will complete this tutorial in full and complete this not in 21 days but in few months but will complete for sure.

Thanks for Patience and support.

So Now I starting up with Python Tutorial.

So First Step would be Setting up Python environment and make "Hello World!" Program in Python.

So install Python from following URL


And now we are gonna make Hello World in Python.

So to make a Program make sure you have atleast one Editor. I Prefer Notepad++ but you can use any as you prefer.

Now Open your editor and Write Following Line of code in it.

print("Hello World")

And Save this file with 'py' Extension.

Now Open python terminal from Start Menu and Write following code in terminal. Make Sure you saved file where you installed Python.


Where mycode is the name of file and py is the extension.

You can you anyname you prefer and that's it!

You had made your hello world in Python.

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